What To Do After A DUI Arrest

Know What To Do After A DUI Arrest

For most South Carolina citizens, a DUI arrest is a scary experience. Wondering what to do after a DUI can make you too anxious to think clearly, which is why it is important to keep the following things in mind.

At Riesen DuRant LLC, we recommend the following steps to take after a DUI arrest:

  • Stay silent but cooperative. It’s your right to say nothing, so it’s smart to be cooperative but quiet during an arrest. Don’t make the mistake of incriminating yourself. Everything you say and do will be recorded both by audio and video from the moment the officer approaches your vehicle until you are transported to the police station and asked to provide a breath sample.
  • Call an attorney right away. Remember that the state has to prove you broke the law. If the evidence they have against you is weak or flawed, an attorney can negotiate on your behalf, which may result in the charges being lowered or dropped altogether.

What We Can Do For You

When you hire our DUI attorneys after your arrest, we will fight to challenge the evidence being used against you. Our goal will always be to reduce or eliminate the penalties you face for drunk driving.

We hold the state accountable for proving its case against you. For example, at the time of the arrest, was your speech slurred because you’re on medication? Maybe your eyes were blurry because you have a newborn at home. We will carefully consider all possibilities for poking holes in the prosecution’s case.

Are You Ready To Face These Penalties?

There are many ways our DUI attorneys can evaluate and, if necessary, challenge the evidence against you and help alleviate some of the penalties you may be facing. Those penalties can be severe and life-altering, so it’s crucial that you consider them carefully before pleading guilty.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to take the bus and attend meetings for six months? If you refuse a BAC test or plead guilty to a DUI, your license is automatically suspended and you will face hundreds of dollars’ worth of fines, depending on your situation. You will also be required to enroll in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program.
  • Does your current employment depend on maintaining a clean criminal record? If so, then a guilty plea or conviction might put your job in jeopardy.
  • Do you need to be able to pass a background check for a financial application, a job application or volunteer work? A criminal conviction may affect these outcomes as well.

It may seem easier to just accept a DUI conviction than to hire a Charleston DUI lawyer to fight for you, but if you do, know that it could negatively impact your life for years to come. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting responsibility but your constitutional rights also require that law enforcement follow the law and experienced lawyers can make sure your rights are protected.

Pursue the best defense.

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