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We are blessed to have so many committed teachers who devote countless hours and energy to educating our children. We all know our teachers are underpaid. What many teachers don’t know is just how underpaid they are if injured at work.

Under South Carolina law, a worker who is out of work as a result of a job injury is not entitled to compensation in the same amount that he/she was making. Instead, the worker is entitled to weekly payments of 66 2/3 of their “average weekly wage.”

South Carolina Code of Laws §42-1-40 calculates “average weekly wage” as follows: take the total wages paid for the last four quarters …and divide by:

  • i. fifty-two or
  • ii. the actual number of weeks for which wages were paid, whichever is less.

For further information on workers’ compensation as a teacher, contact our workers’ compensation lawyers today.


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