Notable Cases

Notable Cases

These are just a few of the numerous accident and injury cases we have handled on behalf of South Carolina residents. We are proud of our excellent track record and hope to get results for you, too.


We recovered a settlement of $420,000 for a client who was rear ended by a defendant driver operating his company truck while drinking on the job.  With minimal medical bills following a conservative treatment plan, we were able to exploit the deficiencies in the company, and also a local bar.  Our legal pressure throughout the extensive litigation processed forced a total settlement of almost 30 times the value of the medical bills in the case.

We recovered a global settlement of $905,000 for the family of a deceased minor following an initial settlement offer of $55,000.  With the help of an expert, we disproved the theory of how the accident occurred which generated additional sources of recovery.   

We quickly recovered a settlement of $450,000 for a young client who was ticketed for running a red light and causing a head on collision.  With the help of a reputable accident reconstruction expert, who performed a thorough independent investigation, the insurance companies swiftly tendered the limits of all applicable insurance coverage involved in the collision.

We recovered a total settlement of about $630,000 for the family of deceased daughter where the insurance coverages totaled $250,000.  Following a lengthy and hotly contested litigation process, we were able to show an insurance company acted in bad faith and forced the insurance company to pay an additional $380,000 on top of what their coverages required. 

We recovered a settlement of $101,000 for a client who was mauled by two dogs during a visit at a home.

We recovered a settlement of $415,000 for a client who was trampled during a “Black Friday” sales event.

We recovered a settlement of $250,000 for a client whose vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver, arguing that the value of the case was based on what a jury would likely award in punitive damages rather than the client’s modest medical bills alone.  This settlement was almost 10 times the value of the medical bills associated with their treatment.

We settled an automobile accident case for $325,000. The client had been a loyal customer with the same insurance company for over 30 years.  Nevertheless, the insurance company sought to minimize what was owed to their insured. Prior to our involvement, the insurance company had argued the client was entitled to $25,000 in liability coverage only.  The insurance company told the client she was not entitled to the additional $300,000 of underinsured motorist coverage because she had rejected the coverage some twenty (20) years earlier. We were able to successfully show that the insurance carrier was wrong in asserting that our client rejected the additional underinsured motorist coverage and as a result the insurance company was forced to reform their policy and pay out the maximum underinsured motorist limits of $300,000 in addition to the $25,000 received from the bodily injury recovery.

We recovered a settlement of $41,000 for a client who ate a batch of bad oysters at a local restaurant.

A client was injured in an automobile accident while on the job and we assisted with workers’ compensation claim was filed and the client received a settlement. Upon conclusion of the workers compensation settlement, we were able to successfully pursue a third-party negligence claim against the at-fault driver and reached an additional settlement of $233,000.

We tried an automobile accident case where the insurance carrier and defense counsel dug their heels in and were only offering two times the value of our client’s medical bills.  The jury’s verdict spoke volumes as they awarded almost 12 times the value of the medical bills.

We tried an automobile accident case where our client received a punitive damages award because the defendant driver ran a red light while texting and listening to his iPod.  During settlement negotiations, the insurance carrier made the comment “texting is not illegal so I do not think a jury will award punitive damages.”  At the time, texting was not illegal, however, we successfully argued to the jury that to award punitive damages you must find the defendant acted recklessly, not necessarily illegally.  We argued that if the jurors who speak for the community find that texting and listening to an iPod is acceptable and not reckless then they should not award a penny in punitive damages. However, the jury agreed with our attorneys and awarded punitive damages and in total was significantly more than what had ever been offered to our client.

We recovered $250,000 in a hit and run case motor vehicle accident case with almost no visible property damage to our client’s vehicle.  We argued the value of the case was based on punitive damages and the reckless conduct of the defendant as opposed to the minor damage to our client’s vehicle.  

We recovered $350,000 for a client who was injured by an intoxicated patron at a local bar where the patron had been overserved.  We were able to show the drunk patron had a significant bar tab with over 23 shots on the company credit card.  Video surveillance captured the patron as he was continuously served alcohol by the bar in violation of state law requiring bars to not serve an already intoxicated patron.

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