Remaining silent is always your right to use

It doesn't matter what charges you may face, you still have the right to remain silent. Whether police accuse you of shoplifting, driving drunk, drug trafficking or even murder, your rights under the U.S. Constitution are yours to exercise. One of the most important...

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Passengers and emotions can easily affect driving ability

Distractions are issues that all people must deal with throughout their daily lives. Whether your kids are vying for your attention while you try to get some much needed errands completed or you are unable to focus on your work while in the office, you likely find...

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Dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite

If you own a dog, you are among nearly 40 percent of the population of the country. Dogs are a favorite pet in many households, providing companionship, comfort and protection. However, dogs can also be unpredictable. Even the gentlest dog has its breaking point, and...

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