Assault & Criminal Domestic Violence Attorneys

Assault & Criminal Domestic Violence

Defending Your Right To Legal Protection

In South Carolina, assault and criminal domestic violence cases are treated extremely seriously. If you have been accused of committing a criminally violent act against another person, contact our domestic violence attorneys right away. Our experienced, aggressive domestic violence attorneys are ready to protect your rights.

A Record Of Violence Can Change Your Future

Criminal domestic violence cases can be very complex. There are often competing versions of events and misunderstandings that can lead to a variety of outcomes when presented to the court. Without quick action on your part, a simple disagreement can profoundly affect your future.

Penalties for domestic violence and assault can range from small fines and short jail time to bigger fines and more jail time. If weapons are involved, you can expect a stiffer punishment, including the loss of your ability to legally possess a firearm.

Former Charleston Prosecutors On Your Side

When you contact our office, we will use our years of experience as Charleston domestic violence attorneys to advocate on your behalf. We will work to build the strongest defense possible, no matter the severity of the charge or your previous criminal history.

Assault and criminal domestic violence charges are serious crimes that require serious lawyers who know the local community. We have lived and worked in the Charleston area for decades. You can trust that we know the courts and the legal system well.

Pursue the best defense.

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